According to Google on its Mobile Ads Blog: Two thirds of consumers report they’re more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site, and a little less than two thirds (61%) say they'll abandon a mobile site if they don't see what they want right away.

Those findings are from a Google survey conducted by Sterling Research and SmithGeiger in July of just over 1,000 US smartphone Internet users. In the survey 96% of consumers reported they've encountered sites that were clearly not designed for mobile devices. (Think of a newspaper site that simply makes itself tiny to fit a tablet screen- Painful.) At the same time, 50% of people said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website isn't mobile-friendly. Conversely, of those who have visited a mobile-friendly site, 74% say they're more likely to return.

"The fastest path to mobile customers is through a mobile-friendly site," concludes Google. 

"If your site offers a great mobile experience, users are more likely to make a purchase."

In February, DudaMobile reported that nearly 20% of visits to small business sites led to an immediate call to the business (e.g. with click-to-call), with some local businesses skewing much higher (e.g., pizzerias at 32%, car services at 27.8%). But businesses have to earn that call with a mobile-friendly site that puts that phone number above the fold and in eyeshot.

Google concludes from their new study that non-mobile friendly sites can actually damage a company's reputation: 36% of respondents said they felt like they've wasted their time by visiting those sites, and 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company. Almost half felt that a site that works poorly on a smartphone is an indicator that a company that does not care about their business. The upshot seems to be that mobile success is up to each business to win or lose. Consumers expect it. Nay, demand it.

As part of a larger branding and website project 7 Dezign recently completed for Hi-Tech Heating & Cooling, we designed their mobile site to provide quick and easy access to the core services their current (and prospective) customers regularly contact them for. In addition to being an extension of their updated online presence that is both intuitive and functional, Hi-Tech HVAC's new mobile site also collects detailed analytics designed to help them monitor HOW it's being used and what features lead to the most conversions.


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